Which evening dress to enhance my figure?

Who has never dreamed of slipping into a princess dress ? Parties, galas, weddings and others ceremonies are excellent opportunities to make this little girl's dream come true. But for the result to be of the most beautiful effect, it is imperative to find a evening dress that enhances your shape. 

Discover in this article, the advices of our fashion experts to find THE dress perfect for your figure.

Which evening dress for an A shape?

The A-shaped morphology (or triangle morphology) is one of the most common morphologies. The shoulders are narrower than the hips, thus forming a sort of pyramid. 

The perfect dress: To rebalance the figure, we opt for a empire dress or a strapless dress - that show the shoulders, or for a dress with balloon sleeves or ruffled - which widens the body. 

V-shaped morphology: which evening dress to choose?

If you have broad shoulders, narrow hips and long, slender legs, you are one of those women who have a V-shape. An athletic figure that is the envy of many... 

The perfect dress: To harmonize your figure, choose a evening dress which brings volume to the hips: frills, gathers and pleats are welcome. Trapeze or empire dresses will also suit you perfectly. Finally, don't forget: your legs are your assets! Put them forward with a short dress or with a slit dress.

Which evening dress for an X-shaped body?

The X-shaped morphology (or hourglass shape) is considered the most harmonious shape. The shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and the waist is slim and well marked.  

The perfect dress: With a figure like that, you're spoilt for choice. Evening dress long, short, fitted, flared... it all fits! Think of putting your slim figure forward by wearing a belt or a dress fitted at the waist. 

Morphology in 8: which evening dress to choose?

Very similar to the X-shaped morphology, the morphology in 8 is characterized by a well-defined waist, an alignment of the shoulders and hips and generous curves. 

Which evening dress to wear? As with X-shaped bodies, you can afford anything. Indulge yourself!

Which evening dress for an H-shaped body?

The H-shaped morphology is characterized by an alignment of the hips and shoulders and a waist not very marked, forming a kind of rectangle. If the silhouette is rather harmonious, the curves are not very generous.

The perfect dress: To emphasize the feminine and glamorous side, we opt for a evening dress a strapless flared dress, a low-cut evening gown or a empire dress

Finding an evening dress for an O-shaped body

If you're full-bodied and plump, you have a O-shaped morphology. Your curves are well marked, unlike your waist which is not (or only slightly) visible. This does not prevent you from having a harmonious and very feminine figure. 

The perfect dress: Here again, the empire dress is to be preferred. But you can also wear a straight dress or wrap dress. Go for dark colours, which tend to slim the figure. As for fabrics, opt for fluid and airy materials.

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Wedding guest: what is the ideal dress?

You are wedding guest ? The first thing you thought of after receiving the invitation was probably the dress what you're going to wear that day. This is a legitimate question, because this kind of event is a great opportunity to dress up. 

To help you make the right choice and avoid making mistakes, follow the advice of our fashion experts.

How to choose a wedding dress that will enhance your figure?

When you choose your guest dressask yourself this question: is this dress does it enhance my silhouette ? If not, there's no point in trying to wear it. The most important thing is to find a dress adapted to your morphology. 

The principle is simple: put forward your assets and hide your small defects by diverting attention. Some examples? If your hips are wide, opt for a dress with ruffled or puffed sleeves to balance your figure. If you have a small waist, don't hesitate to wear a slim-fitting dress at the waist to emphasize your curves. 

Finally, some dresses are suitable for all morphologies, it is notably the case of the skater dress, the empire dress and the sheath dress. A safe bet when you're not sure what to look for. dress is best suited to our body type. 

Respect the wedding dress code

Many couples decide to organize their wedding around a specific theme: bohemian wedding, country wedding, black and white... And the guests must imperatively take into account this theme to choose their outfit. If you are wedding guest If you're going to a Charleston wedding, don't hesitate to wear a Gatsby dress and vintage accessories (headband, handbag, pumps...). On the other hand, if you're invited to a country wedding, opt for a light chiffon dress with flowers. 

Watch out for the wrong steps!

When you are wedding guestThere are some red lines that should not be crossed. Here's a quick summary of the mistakes you shouldn't make on D-day:

  • Being original is good. But be careful not to be too extravagant: dresses that are too flashy, too voluminous or too eccentric are not welcome. 
  • Know how to show off your curves without being vulgar. When you are wedding guestIf you're looking for a very elegant outfit that enhances your figure, but is still discreet enough. 
  • Of course, white is exclusively reserved for the bride. But you should not be forbidden to wear any white piece in your outfit. For example, there is no problem to wear a jacket white on a colorful dressa pair of white sandals or a top ecru.
  • Black is not a colour to be banned either. As awedding guestYou can perfectly opt for a black outfit as long as you don't fall into the funeral look. Avoid for example, the long black dresses adorned with lace, which are rather funereal.  
  • While it's important to be comfortable in your outfit, don't go overboard either. Forget the T-shirt, sweatshirt and sneakers, even if they are the epitome of comfort.
  • If the wedding is taking place outdoors, avoid high heels, which can get stuck in the grass.

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7 tips for choosing the right dress for your bridesmaids

They gravitate around the bride on the big day, like an army of good fairies. They are always present when they are needed and participate wholeheartedly in the organization of the wedding. They are easily recognizable by their outfits, which are often identical. Who are they? The bridesmaidsof course! So that your bridesmaids to be perfect on your wedding day, here are seven tips from our fashion experts to help you find the perfect wedding the ideal dress.

1. A bridesmaid's dress that flatters every figure

Even if you dream of seeing your bridesmaids wear the sumptuous silk dress that you found in storeRemember that the bridesmaid's dress that you will choose must be suitable for all morphologies. But how do you do it? You can define a color, a basic style and a favorite fabric and then leave some freedom in the choice of the dress length, sleeves, neckline... It will be up to your bridesmaids to find the model that will enhance their figure.

2. A bridesmaid's dress adapted to the wedding theme

To create harmony, it is important to take into consideration the theme of your marriage to select the dress of your bridesmaids. Planning a bohemian wedding? Go for a long, flowing dress with floral prints. Dreaming of a retro wedding? Go for a dress of maid of honor Charleston style. A country wedding? Choose pastel colours and light, natural materials such as cotton or muslin.

3. Consider the opinions of your bridesmaids

Rather than forcing them into an outfit they may not want to wear, include your bridesmaids in the selection process of their dress. They will then be able to make suggestions as to the color and style of the dress. But your opinion takes precedence over theirs because after all, you are the queen of the day! To avoid endless discussions, you can limit their options by offering them four models of dress that you like.

4. Think budget...

In addition to buying their dress for the big day, your bridesmaids will have to face other expenses: hairstyle, make-up, shoes, accessories... To avoid embarrassing anyone, make sure that the bridesmaid's dress is accessible to all.

5. ... and comfort!

The bridesmaids should be able to dance and have fun like everyone else. Forget dresses that are too tight, which impede movement, or heels that are too high, which would make them suffer. The bridesmaid's dress must be comfortable to wear.

6. Anticipate 

Even if you think (and rightly so!) that the choice of venue, caterer and band is crucial, take the time to think about the dress of your bridesmaids sufficiently in advance, so that they have time to buy it and make alterations if necessary.

7. Accessorize your bridesmaids' outfit

There's nothing like well-chosen accessories to complete a look. A delicate flower crown for a bohemian wedding, 50's pumps for a vintage wedding, a black patent clutch for a chic wedding... 

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Cocktail dress: which model to choose?

Created by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the cocktail dress has since come a long way. Considered a real must-have in the women's wardrobe, this dress is available in an infinite number of models, playing with materials, colors and cuts. To help you see more clearly, we present in this article some models of cocktail dresses the most famous. 

Trapeze dress: the chic and comfortable cocktail dress

The trapeze dress is characterized by a fitted cut at the shoulders which then flares out towards the bottom, just like the geometric shape from which it was inspired. The loose fit makes it particularly comfortable and easy to move in. For a cocktailWe prefer noble and fluid materials and we put on a nice pair of high heels for a chic and elegant look. 

For whom? This model of cocktail dress is ideal for A (wide hips) and O (round silhouette) morphologies because it allows to hide the belly and the hips. The trapeze dress is also suitable for H-shaped people (broad shoulders) because its flared shape balances the silhouette. 

Skater dress: the cocktail dress that suits all body types

The skater dressThe skater dress has the art of sublimating all the silhouettes. Fitted at the waist, flared at the hips, this cocktail dress has everything to please. We choose strapless, boat neck or V-neck according to our morphology and we fall for models with rhinestones, lace or sequins to shine in the evening. As for the length, we choose it rather short to keep the airy side, but the mid-length models are also perfectly adapted to a cocktail party. 

For whom?  The skater dress adapts to all morphologies. You just have to pay attention to a few details. The principle is to hide your small "defects" by diverting the attention. As an example, V-shaped morphologies will bet on short models to reveal their thin legs, while A-shaped morphologies will privilege the cleavage. 

Empire dress: the ultimate ball gown

The empire dress is distinguished by its particular cut: a high waist, tightened at the level of the chest, then gradually flaring out towards the bottom. Very fashionable in the 18th century, this piece has passed through the ages with flying colours and is now one of the key pieces in a woman's wardrobe. The empire dress is perfect for a cocktail. Elegant materials such as organza, muslin or satin are preferred.

For whom? The empire dress flatters (almost) all the silhouettes. Wide hips, small waist, curves ... This cocktail dress elegantly conceals any small imperfections. However, this model is not suitable for women with large breasts.

Sheath dress: the cocktail dress of the stars

Originally, the sheath dress is a dress close to the body (not necessarily tight), tight at the waist. The bottom of the dress is cut on the same model as a pencil skirt. This chic piece can be worn during a ceremony or a cocktail and is quite often invited on the red carpet. 

For whom? All women, regardless of their body type, can put on a sheath dressIf you have a small waist, you should choose a model above the knee, round women should add a belt to mark their waist, while those with wide hips should choose puffed or flounced sleeves to balance their figure.

A few tips to enhance your cocktail dress

  • Choose a model of cocktail dress adapted to your morphology and... to your personality!
  • Choose refined materials such as lace, satin, muslin, organza... to have a beautiful fall.
  • Choose elegant accessories to complete your outfit: clutch, heels, jewellery...
  • Choose a colour that suits your skin tone and the season.
  • Choose a refined make-up and an elegant hairstyle to complete your outfit.

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Which jacket for which outfit?

There's nothing like a jacket to bring a touch of rock to a too wise outfit or a glamour note to a too casual look. But for the result to be optimal, it is advisable to respect some basic principles. The point with the Scale mode experts.

A jacket adapted to your morphology

Judiciously chosen, the jacket can be a perfect ally to complete a look or enhance a silhouette. Here are a few tips for find the perfect jacket

  • If you are more of a roundopt for a long flowing or straight jacketwhich hides curves and lifts the figure. Avoid the jackets bulging or padded, which may add volume to your body. Last tip: don't close your jacket because it would only emphasize your shape.
  • If you are smallforget about the long jackets because they would compress your silhouette. Go for the short jackets and fitted jackets.
  • If you have the broad shouldersthe puffer jacket is made for you. Its flared shape allows you to balance your figure by masking overly imposing shoulders.  
  • If you are thin and tallyou can afford anything. So treat yourself!

How to choose your jacket 

Blazer, perfecto, trench, spencer, Harrington... The models of jacket there is no shortage of them! But not all of them have the same purpose. To shine in evening and brighten up a little black dress that is too sober, we don't hesitate to put on a slim-fitting jacket decorated with rhinestones, sequins or embroidery. 

To complete a working girl lookwe opt for a fitted suit jacketplain or printed. Beware of eccentricities that could make you lose all credibility. It is important to respect the company's dress code, even if it means putting aside your preferences.

On the other hand, for an evening with friends or a walk in the city, let your personality shine through. Denim jacket or perfecto at mid-season, bomber or down jacket in winter, the choice is yours!

Some ideas for looks with a jacket

  • For a chic yet casual look, combine a beige jacket with skinny jeans. Complete the look with a pair of leather pumps. Ideal for the weekend.
  • A double-breasted blazer black matched with a pants flare in the same color is ideal for a business meeting.
  • For a lunch with friends, we opt for a cape-style blazer that we marry to a pair of jeans or a skirt with patterns. As for shoes, we opt for patent pumps or a nice pair of heeled sandals.
  • For a ceremony, we opt for a pantsuit pale pink satin. A pair of transparent pumps, some refined jewels, and you're done!
  • Remember to match a denim jacket with a light floral dress and a pair of suede boots for an afternoon of shopping.
  • For a city woman look, wear the jacket on a printed tee-shirt and combine it with faded jeans and a pair of sneakers.

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Choosing the perfect outfit for a cocktail party

Are you invited to a cocktail party? This is your chance to dress up! Yes, but for what cocktail attire to choose? What do you need to look out for to shine in evening

Discover in this article, the advice of our fashion experts.

The timeless little black dress

"You can never be overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress." (Karl Lagerfeld). This is probably the reason why this timeless fashion continues to be one of the cocktail attire favorite of women. To break the austere side of black, we play on accessories: oversized jewellery, stylish handbag, feathery tights, original headband... 

However, be careful not to accumulate too many flashy accessories at the risk of falling into bling-bling.

For shoes, you can opt for black if the dress is sufficiently worked but if it is rather sober, one does not hesitate to slip on a pair of colored pumps to illuminate the outfit. 

The elegant cocktail dress

The cocktail dress is perfect for a chic ceremony or a formal evening. Sober or sophisticated, plain or printed, in silk or lace... this fashion basic comes in an infinite number of models. But for the best effect, choose a cut adapted to your morphology. If you are small in size, prefer the cocktail dresses Short dresses with a pair of heels. If you're more curvy, go for empire cuts or flowing dresses. Avoid balloon sleeves or frills, which will only add volume to your silhouette. 

The trendy tuxedo

The tuxedo is no longer the exclusive domain of men. CocktailThis revisited fashion classic is now a welcome addition to the evening. We bet on refined fabrics such as silk or satin for the elegant side and we play on accessories, high heels and a top make-up to attenuate the androgynous side. The tuxedo goes as well with a white shirt for a timeless style, as with a small top with straps for a more feminine look. Finally, some do not hesitate to wear it on flesh, like Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham or Eva Longoria.

Choosing the right cocktail outfit: some tips

  • The color of your cocktail attire must match your skin, eyes and hair colour. Pink, parma and almond green are perfect for darker skin tones. Red, black, grey and blue are perfect for pale skin tones. 
  • Choose a cocktail attire adapted to your morphology. The basic principle is as follows: highlight your assets and hide your imperfections. A few little tricks are sometimes enough to create the desired effect: if you have wide hips, rebalance your silhouette by wearing puffed or flounced sleeves. If you have a small waist, divert attention by wearing a low-cut or halter dress.
  • Think comfort! Contrary to the adage, you don't necessarily have to "suffer to be beautiful". If your dress is so tight that it hinders your movements or your high heels make you feel like you're walking on eggshells, you won't be able to enjoy your evening to the fullest and that's a shame! Your cocktail attire must be aesthetic and... comfortable!

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Wedding: what outfit to wear?

The marriages and other ceremonies are excellent opportunities to wear a chic, elegant outfit and look your best. Long dress or midi dresscombination or pantsWith so many options to choose from, it's hard to find the perfect outfit! To help you make the right choice, our fashion experts give you some precious advice.

Wedding: what outfit to wear to enhance your body type?

When invited to a marriageBut what we are looking for above all is an outfit that will enhance our figure. 

Are you slim and tall? You can afford anything! Long dress and fluid for a romantic style, pantsuit for an elegant and sophisticated look, skirt short and glittering to reveal your long legs... You have the choice!

Small and thin? Give preference to dresses and short skirts that slim your figure and fitted tops that will emphasize your slim waist. A pair of heels will also help lengthen your legs. 

Rather round? Avoid dresses If you're tall, don't be afraid to wear a maxi dress with a pair of heels for a more flattering look. If you are tall, don't hesitate to wear a long dress with a pair of heels for a better look. marriage.

Invited to a wedding? Respect the seasons!

While most marriages are held in summer, these happy events can take place throughout the year. But then how to dress as a guest?

In the summer, you can indulge in a dress with floral print for a bohemian chic look. We opt for pastel colours, possibly enhanced with pearls, embroidery or rhinestones to stay in the romantic spirit of the marriage. As for fabrics, choose fluid and airy materials such as satin, lace or organza, ideal for a summer wedding.

In winter, we rely on soft and noble materials to be chic and warm. Will you opt for the depth of velvet, the softness of silk, the finesse of cashmere or the elegance of fur? In terms of colour, we opt for autumnal shades such as burgundy, navy blue or plum, or more neutral tones such as grey or beige.

Finally, whatever the season, don't forget the accessories (jewellery, belt, handbag...) which bring a real plus to your wedding outfit !

Conform to the wedding theme

To create harmony and consistency on the big day, some married set up a dress code for their guests. Wreaths and long chiffon dresses for a bohemian weddingfloral and light dress for a country union, or a Charleston dress for a marriage 80's style. Whatever the theme of the ceremony, it is important to follow the wishes of the bride and groom by choosing an outfit that conforms to the dress code. 

But even if the bride and groom do not impose a dress code, it is important to adapt your outfit to the event: a marriage planned in a famous Parisian hotel will require a more elegant outfit than a marriage taking place in a cottage or by the sea.

For or against white at a wedding?

In theory, white is reserved for the bride. But nothing prevents you from wearing a short white dress in summer, provided you accessorize it with oversized jewels in bright colors to avoid the immaculate white side, which is the prerogative of the bride. If you are close to the bride, don't hesitate to ask her if she allows you to wear this colour which is reserved for her. A priori, if you avoid the 100% white outfit, there is no need to fear that she will refuse you.

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Mid-length dress, a trendy and versatile piece

A key piece of the 1950s, the midi dress or mid-length dress has been brought up to date by designers who now give it a place of honor on the catwalk. The midi dress is characterized by a length between the knees and calves and is a true symbol of elegance and refinement.   

Tips and tricks from our fashion experts for how to wear a mid-length dress.

The midi dress: for which morphology?

The midi dress can suit all body types, provided that it is well chosen. In fact, this dress is available in different models to fit all body types. 

  • Are you tall and thin? Opt for a mid-length dress with a straight cut that follows the shape of the body.
  • Are you short? Choose a flowing midi dress and bet on heels to slim your silhouette.
  • Rather round? The mid-length dress empire type will suit you perfectly! Consisting of a fitted top, this dress model flares out gradually, thus camouflaging the curves.  

When to wear the mid-length dress?

Summer or winter, evening or office, this stylish and comfortable piece is a fashion basic to wear without moderation. 

  • In the office: The mid-length dress has become a must-have in the women's wardrobe. Matched with a suit jacket, it is ideal for a working girl look. We choose it rather sober and we avoid the too fitted cuts, the bare shoulders or the plunging necklines.
  • Day to day :  In summer, we opt for a mid-length flowing dressIn the summer, the mid-length dress is paired with a plain or printed dress, which is matched with a nice pair of flat sandals (for taller women) or heels (for smaller women). In winter, we prefer more textured materials such as velvet or wool, and we combine the mid-length dress with a blazer, a sweater or a cardigan, and a nice pair of boots.
  • In the evening: The mid-length dress is perfect for a chic afternoon or evening event. For the festive and elegant side, we opt for vaporous materials like chiffon, silky like velvet, or fluid like satin. The midi length is perfect for a cocktail dress.

How to wear the mid-length dress? Some outfit ideas

  • Combine your mid-length dress with a perfecto and a pair of leather boots for a glam rock look, perfect for a lunch with friends.
  • A mid-length dress with patterns with pumps is ideal for a date or for a walk in the city on the weekend.
  • The midi dress can also be worn with an oversized sweater, a pair of sneakers and sunglasses, for a stylish and casual look.
  • A beautiful hairstyle, an elegant clutch and a nice pair of heels will match your mid-length dress for a wedding ceremony.
  • Opt for a midi dress plain combined with a shirt and blazer to go to work.

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