They gravitate around the bride on the big day, like an army of good fairies. They are always present when they are needed and participate wholeheartedly in the organization of the wedding. They are easily recognizable by their outfits, which are often identical. Who are they? The bridesmaidsof course! So that your bridesmaids to be perfect on your wedding day, here are seven tips from our fashion experts to help you find the perfect wedding the ideal dress.

1. A bridesmaid's dress that flatters every figure

Even if you dream of seeing your bridesmaids wear the sumptuous silk dress that you found in storeRemember that the bridesmaid's dress that you will choose must be suitable for all morphologies. But how do you do it? You can define a color, a basic style and a favorite fabric and then leave some freedom in the choice of the dress length, sleeves, neckline... It will be up to your bridesmaids to find the model that will enhance their figure.

2. A bridesmaid's dress adapted to the wedding theme

To create harmony, it is important to take into consideration the theme of your marriage to select the dress of your bridesmaids. Planning a bohemian wedding? Go for a long, flowing dress with floral prints. Dreaming of a retro wedding? Go for a dress of maid of honor Charleston style. A country wedding? Choose pastel colours and light, natural materials such as cotton or muslin.

3. Consider the opinions of your bridesmaids

Rather than forcing them into an outfit they may not want to wear, include your bridesmaids in the selection process of their dress. They will then be able to make suggestions as to the color and style of the dress. But your opinion takes precedence over theirs because after all, you are the queen of the day! To avoid endless discussions, you can limit their options by offering them four models of dress that you like.

4. Think budget...

In addition to buying their dress for the big day, your bridesmaids will have to face other expenses: hairstyle, make-up, shoes, accessories... To avoid embarrassing anyone, make sure that the bridesmaid's dress is accessible to all.

5. ... and comfort!

The bridesmaids should be able to dance and have fun like everyone else. Forget dresses that are too tight, which impede movement, or heels that are too high, which would make them suffer. The bridesmaid's dress must be comfortable to wear.

6. Anticipate 

Even if you think (and rightly so!) that the choice of venue, caterer and band is crucial, take the time to think about the dress of your bridesmaids sufficiently in advance, so that they have time to buy it and make alterations if necessary.

7. Accessorize your bridesmaids' outfit

There's nothing like well-chosen accessories to complete a look. A delicate flower crown for a bohemian wedding, 50's pumps for a vintage wedding, a black patent clutch for a chic wedding... 

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