You are wedding guest ? The first thing you thought of after receiving the invitation was probably the dress what you're going to wear that day. This is a legitimate question, because this kind of event is a great opportunity to dress up. 

To help you make the right choice and avoid making mistakes, follow the advice of our fashion experts.

How to choose a wedding dress that will enhance your figure?

When you choose your guest dressask yourself this question: is this dress does it enhance my silhouette ? If not, there's no point in trying to wear it. The most important thing is to find a dress adapted to your morphology. 

The principle is simple: put forward your assets and hide your small defects by diverting attention. Some examples? If your hips are wide, opt for a dress with ruffled or puffed sleeves to balance your figure. If you have a small waist, don't hesitate to wear a slim-fitting dress at the waist to emphasize your curves. 

Finally, some dresses are suitable for all morphologies, it is notably the case of the skater dress, the empire dress and the sheath dress. A safe bet when you're not sure what to look for. dress is best suited to our body type. 

Respect the wedding dress code

Many couples decide to organize their wedding around a specific theme: bohemian wedding, country wedding, black and white... And the guests must imperatively take into account this theme to choose their outfit. If you are wedding guest If you're going to a Charleston wedding, don't hesitate to wear a Gatsby dress and vintage accessories (headband, handbag, pumps...). On the other hand, if you're invited to a country wedding, opt for a light chiffon dress with flowers. 

Watch out for the wrong steps!

When you are wedding guestThere are some red lines that should not be crossed. Here's a quick summary of the mistakes you shouldn't make on D-day:

  • Being original is good. But be careful not to be too extravagant: dresses that are too flashy, too voluminous or too eccentric are not welcome. 
  • Know how to show off your curves without being vulgar. When you are wedding guestIf you're looking for a very elegant outfit that enhances your figure, but is still discreet enough. 
  • Of course, white is exclusively reserved for the bride. But you should not be forbidden to wear any white piece in your outfit. For example, there is no problem to wear a jacket white on a colorful dressa pair of white sandals or a top ecru.
  • Black is not a colour to be banned either. As awedding guestYou can perfectly opt for a black outfit as long as you don't fall into the funeral look. Avoid for example, the long black dresses adorned with lace, which are rather funereal.  
  • While it's important to be comfortable in your outfit, don't go overboard either. Forget the T-shirt, sweatshirt and sneakers, even if they are the epitome of comfort.
  • If the wedding is taking place outdoors, avoid high heels, which can get stuck in the grass.

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