Who has never dreamed of slipping into a princess dress ? Parties, galas, weddings and others ceremonies are excellent opportunities to make this little girl's dream come true. But for the result to be of the most beautiful effect, it is imperative to find a evening dress that enhances your shape. 

Discover in this article, the advices of our fashion experts to find THE dress perfect for your figure.

Which evening dress for an A shape?

The A-shaped morphology (or triangle morphology) is one of the most common morphologies. The shoulders are narrower than the hips, thus forming a sort of pyramid. 

The perfect dress: To rebalance the figure, we opt for a empire dress or a strapless dress - that show off the shoulders, or for a dress with balloon or flounced sleeves - which widens the shoulders. 

V-shaped morphology: which evening dress to choose?

If you have broad shoulders, narrow hips and long, slender legs, you are one of those women who have a V-shape. An athletic figure that is the envy of many... 

The perfect dress: To harmonize your figure, choose a evening dress which brings volume to the hips: frills, gathers and pleats are welcome. Trapeze or empire dresses will also suit you perfectly. Finally, don't forget: your legs are your assets! Put them forward with a short dress or with a slit dress.

Which evening dress for an X-shaped body?

The X-shaped morphology (or hourglass shape) is considered the most harmonious shape. The shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and the waist is slim and well marked.  

The perfect dress: With a figure like that, you're spoilt for choice. Evening dress long, short, fitted, flared... it all fits! Think of putting your slim figure forward by wearing a belt or a dress fitted at the waist. 

Morphology in 8: which evening dress to choose?

Very similar to the X-shaped morphology, the morphology in 8 is characterized by a well-defined waist, an alignment of the shoulders and hips and generous curves. 

Which evening dress to wear? As with X-shaped bodies, you can afford anything. Indulge yourself!

Which evening dress for an H-shaped body?

The H-shaped morphology is characterized by an alignment of the hips and shoulders and a waist not very marked, forming a kind of rectangle. If the silhouette is rather harmonious, the curves are not very generous.

The perfect dress: To emphasize the feminine and glamorous side, we opt for a evening dress a strapless flared dress, a low-cut evening gown or a empire dress

Finding an evening dress for an O-shaped body

If you're full-bodied and plump, you have a O-shaped morphology. Your curves are well marked, unlike your waist which is not (or only slightly) visible. This does not prevent you from having a harmonious and very feminine figure. 

The perfect dress: Here again, the empire dress is to be preferred. But you can also wear a straight dress or wrap dress. Go for dark colours, which tend to slim the figure. As for fabrics, opt for fluid and airy materials.

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