Created by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the cocktail dress has since come a long way. Considered a real must-have in the women's wardrobe, this dress is available in an infinite number of models, playing with materials, colors and cuts. To help you see more clearly, we present in this article some models of cocktail dresses the most famous. 

Trapeze dress: the chic and comfortable cocktail dress

The trapeze dress is characterized by a fitted cut at the shoulders which then flares out towards the bottom, just like the geometric shape from which it was inspired. The loose fit makes it particularly comfortable and easy to move in. For a cocktailWe prefer noble and fluid materials and we put on a nice pair of high heels for a chic and elegant look. 

For whom? This model of cocktail dress is ideal for A (wide hips) and O (round silhouette) morphologies because it allows to hide the belly and the hips. The trapeze dress is also suitable for H-shaped people (broad shoulders) because its flared shape balances the silhouette. 

Skater dress: the cocktail dress that suits all body types

The skater dressThe skater dress has the art of sublimating all the silhouettes. Fitted at the waist, flared at the hips, this cocktail dress has everything to please. We choose strapless, boat neck or V-neck according to our morphology and we fall for models with rhinestones, lace or sequins to shine in the evening. As for the length, we choose it rather short to keep the airy side, but the mid-length models are also perfectly adapted to a cocktail party. 

For whom?  The skater dress adapts to all morphologies. You just have to pay attention to a few details. The principle is to hide your small "defects" by diverting the attention. As an example, V-shaped morphologies will bet on short models to reveal their thin legs, while A-shaped morphologies will privilege the cleavage. 

Empire dress: the ultimate ball gown

The empire dress is distinguished by its particular cut: a high waist, tightened at the level of the chest, then gradually flaring out towards the bottom. Very fashionable in the 18th century, this piece has passed through the ages with flying colours and is now one of the key pieces in a woman's wardrobe. The empire dress is perfect for a cocktail. Elegant materials such as organza, muslin or satin are preferred.

For whom? The empire dress flatters (almost) all the silhouettes. Wide hips, small waist, curves ... This cocktail dress elegantly conceals any small imperfections. However, this model is not suitable for women with large breasts.

Sheath dress: the cocktail dress of the stars

Originally, the sheath dress is a dress close to the body (not necessarily tight), tight at the waist. The bottom of the dress is cut on the same model as a pencil skirt. This chic piece can be worn during a ceremony or a cocktail and is quite often invited on the red carpet. 

For whom? All women, regardless of their body type, can put on a sheath dressIf you have a small waist, you should choose a model above the knee, round women should add a belt to mark their waist, while those with wide hips should choose puffed or flounced sleeves to balance their figure.

A few tips to enhance your cocktail dress

  • Choose a model of cocktail dress adapted to your morphology and... to your personality!
  • Choose refined materials such as lace, satin, muslin, organza... to have a beautiful fall.
  • Choose elegant accessories to complete your outfit: clutch, heels, jewellery...
  • Choose a colour that suits your skin tone and the season.
  • Choose a refined make-up and an elegant hairstyle to complete your outfit.

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