The marriages and other ceremonies are excellent opportunities to wear a chic, elegant outfit and look your best. Long dress or midi dresscombination or pantsWith so many options to choose from, it's hard to find the perfect outfit! To help you make the right choice, our fashion experts give you some precious advice.

Wedding: what outfit to wear to enhance your body type?

When invited to a marriageBut what we are looking for above all is an outfit that will enhance our figure. 

Are you slim and tall? You can afford anything! Long dress and fluid for a romantic style, pantsuit for an elegant and sophisticated look, skirt short and glittering to reveal your long legs... You have the choice!

Small and thin? Give preference to dresses and short skirts that slim your figure and fitted tops that will emphasize your slim waist. A pair of heels will also help lengthen your legs. 

Rather round? Avoid dresses If you're tall, don't be afraid to wear a maxi dress with a pair of heels for a more flattering look. If you are tall, don't hesitate to wear a long dress with a pair of heels for a better look. marriage.

Invited to a wedding? Respect the seasons!

While most marriages are held in summer, these happy events can take place throughout the year. But then how to dress as a guest?

In the summer, you can indulge in a dress with floral print for a bohemian chic look. We opt for pastel colours, possibly enhanced with pearls, embroidery or rhinestones to stay in the romantic spirit of the marriage. As for fabrics, choose fluid and airy materials such as satin, lace or organza, ideal for a summer wedding.

In winter, we rely on soft and noble materials to be chic and warm. Will you opt for the depth of velvet, the softness of silk, the finesse of cashmere or the elegance of fur? In terms of colour, we opt for autumnal shades such as burgundy, navy blue or plum, or more neutral tones such as grey or beige.

Finally, whatever the season, don't forget the accessories (jewellery, belt, handbag...) which bring a real plus to your wedding outfit !

Conform to the wedding theme

To create harmony and consistency on the big day, some married set up a dress code for their guests. Wreaths and long chiffon dresses for a bohemian weddingfloral and light dress for a country union, or a Charleston dress for a marriage 80's style. Whatever the theme of the ceremony, it is important to follow the wishes of the bride and groom by choosing an outfit that conforms to the dress code. 

But even if the bride and groom do not impose a dress code, it is important to adapt your outfit to the event: a marriage planned in a famous Parisian hotel will require a more elegant outfit than a marriage taking place in a cottage or by the sea.

For or against white at a wedding?

In theory, white is reserved for the bride. But nothing prevents you from wearing a short white dress in summer, provided you accessorize it with oversized jewels in bright colors to avoid the immaculate white side, which is the prerogative of the bride. If you are close to the bride, don't hesitate to ask her if she allows you to wear this colour which is reserved for her. A priori, if you avoid the 100% white outfit, there is no need to fear that she will refuse you.

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