Are you invited to a cocktail party? This is your chance to dress up! Yes, but for what cocktail attire to choose? What do you need to look out for to shine in evening

Discover in this article, the advice of our fashion experts.

The timeless little black dress

"You can never be overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress." (Karl Lagerfeld). This is probably the reason why this timeless fashion continues to be one of the cocktail attire favorite of women. To break the austere side of black, we play on accessories: oversized jewellery, stylish handbag, feathery tights, original headband... 

However, be careful not to accumulate too many flashy accessories at the risk of falling into bling-bling.

For shoes, you can opt for black if the dress is sufficiently worked but if it is rather sober, one does not hesitate to slip on a pair of colored pumps to illuminate the outfit. 

The elegant cocktail dress

The cocktail dress is perfect for a chic ceremony or a formal evening. Sober or sophisticated, plain or printed, in silk or lace... this fashion basic comes in an infinite number of models. But for the best effect, choose a cut adapted to your morphology. If you are small in size, prefer the cocktail dresses Short dresses with a pair of heels. If you're more curvy, go for empire cuts or flowing dresses. Avoid balloon sleeves or frills, which will only add volume to your silhouette. 

The trendy tuxedo

The tuxedo is no longer the exclusive domain of men. CocktailThis revisited fashion classic is now a welcome addition to the evening. We bet on refined fabrics such as silk or satin for the elegant side and we play on accessories, high heels and a top make-up to attenuate the androgynous side. The tuxedo goes as well with a white shirt for a timeless style, as with a small top with straps for a more feminine look. Finally, some don't hesitate to wear it on flesh, like Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham or Eva Longoria.

Choosing the right cocktail outfit: some tips

  • The color of your cocktail attire must match your skin, eyes and hair colour. Pink, parma and almond green are perfect for darker skin tones. Red, black, grey and blue are perfect for pale skin tones. 
  • Choose a cocktail attire adapted to your morphology. The basic principle is as follows: highlight your assets and hide your imperfections. A few little tricks are sometimes enough to create the desired effect: if you have wide hips, rebalance your silhouette by wearing puffed or flounced sleeves. If you have a small waist, divert attention by wearing a low-cut or halter dress.
  • Think comfort! Contrary to the adage, you don't necessarily have to "suffer to be beautiful". If your dress is so tight that it hinders your movements or your high heels make you feel like you're walking on eggshells, you won't be able to enjoy your evening to the fullest and that's a shame! Your cocktail attire must be aesthetic and... comfortable!

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