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How to choose the ideal dress?

Reception, Gala, business dinner or date... Many women take advantage of these occasions to slip into a chic and elegant dress.

Long or short, plain or printed, straight or flared, classic or original... dresses are infinitely available to satisfy all tastes and adapt to all morphologies.

But then how do you choose the perfect dressThe one that will sublimate your silhouette?

Follow us, we tell you everything.

A dress for every occasion

Depending on its cut, colour or length, a dress may be perfect for one event, and totally inappropriate for another. For example, you should avoid wearing a white dress when invited to a wedding, so as not to steal the show from the bride. On the other hand, a little dress white can be perfect for a birthday party with friends.

To make the right choice, and avoid making the wrong move, here are some principles to know:

Gala dinner, elegance par excellence

Are you invited to a gala evening? Prefer a long and elegant dressThe best way to enhance your figure is to use a fabric that is soft and textured (such as velvet), wispy and flowing (such as chiffon), or light and graceful (such as cotton). Depending on the desired effect, you can choose a soft and textured fabric (such as velvet), vaporous and fluid (muslin, for example), light and graceful (such as crepe), elegant and shiny (such as satin) or refined and transparent (such as organza).

Parties and celebrations, long live the extravagance!

A birthday or New Year's Eve party is an excellent opportunity to show off in a sparkling dress Sequins and sequins catch the light and bring a bright and festive touch to your look. And to tone down the bling, you can always wear your dressa jacket of neutral colour or a plain vest.

Wedding: opt for a chic and comfortable dress

Invited to a wedding? Adapt your outfit to the event: a wedding in the countryside will certainly be less chic than a party in a big Parisian hotel. Sometimes the bride and groom have a theme: here again, you should take this into account when choosing your dress. In any event, the cocktail dress is ideal for weddings: pastel or flashy, sheath or flared, classic or trendy..., it's up to you to choose the model and colour of your choice. Finally, it is important that you are comfortable: a dress uncomfortable or too high heels could well spoil your evening.

Business dinner: opt for a sober but refined dress

To make a good impression on your colleagues or clients, there is nothing like the timeless little black dress. That said, there's nothing to stop you opting for burgundy, navy blue or charcoal grey. The main thing is to remain classic and sober, without falling into a dull or outdated look.

A dress adapted to your morphology

To enhance your figure, the dress that you are wearing must correspond to your morphology. Are you tall and thin? Long dresses will suit you perfectly. Small and slim? Go for a short, slim-fitting dress that will highlight your legs and your wasp waist. Rather round? Go for the dresses that enhance your advantageous shape and hide the curves of your belly, or the dresses empire waist - which elongates the figure and hides the hips, thighs and stomach.

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