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Chic evening: the latest fashion trends

The traditional evening dress still has a place of choice in our wardrobe. But the competition is tough: today, tuxedos, suits and overalls are gladly invited in evening. So what should you wear when you are invited to a party? Our experts decipher the most fashionable trends.

Evening: the timeless little black dress

Created in the 1920s, the little black dress has survived the centuries with flying colours and is still a must-have in women's dressing rooms. Sober, elegant and efficient, the little black dress adapts to all occasions: we choose it long and airy for a gala eveningWe match it with a straight jacket to go to work or with a pair of boots for an evening out. date nightWe'll enhance it with a sequin jacket for the New Year's Eve party... And above all, we rely on accessories to spice up this fashion basic. With this essential and versatile piece, there is no risk of committing a fashion faux pas. Success guaranteed!

The cocktail dress: perfect for an evening out

Baptism, engagement, wedding, birthday, or garden party..., the cocktail dress can be worn day or night. Originally knee-length, this model of dress has continued to evolve over time and today, it is available in a multitude of versions. The long organza cocktail dress is perfect for a wedding while the short version is ideal for an engagement party. For the semi-formal eveningsFor a more elegant look, opt for a lace, silk or satin model, combined with a pretty pair of matching pumps.

The evening suit: bold and elegant

Borrowed from the men's dressing room, the trouser suit now has a place of choice in women's fashion. Emily Ratajkowsky, Emma Watson, Victoria Bekham or Jennifer Aniston don't hesitate to wear a tuxedo for an ultra-trendy androgynous look. The pantsuit is a great alternative to the traditional evening dress. With a silk top and a pair of heels, you can be sure to look good in evening.

The pantsuit: stylish and feminine

Bare shoulders, tight fit, noble materials..., we say yes to the jumpsuit in evening ! If you have a slim waist, opt for an "hourglass" cut and don't hesitate to add a belt to emphasize your waspish waist. If you want to hide your belly and hips, go for a wrap style, ideal to conceal your curves. If you opt for a rather sober and classic trouser suit, think of twisting your outfit with original fashion accessories: clutch bag, handbag, jewellery etc.

The long dress: the star of chic evenings

It's the first thing you think of when you receive a wedding announcement. The long dress has always been the star of the fancy parties and for good reason! Light, twirling, glittering and so elegant, the long dress lifts the figure and offers an inimitable fall. This fashion must-have suits all body types, as long as you choose the right model. And the choice is vast: long or mid-length, round neck or low-cut, fitted or wrap, in velvet or chiffon, with or without sleeves... It's up to you to find the long dress that will sublimate your figure for the duration of a evening.

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