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4 tips for choosing your outfit 

You are looking for a ceremony Elegant, comfortable and adapted to your morphology? Écaille Paris fashion experts give you some advice to make the right choice.

Ceremony: dare to use colour!

You are invited to a marriage and dream of wearing the little black dress that you have just bought or the white suit that you have in your dressing room? You don't dare to wear these clothes because you have often heard that white is reserved for the bride and that black is a sign of mourning? And it's true. That said, these two colors can have their place in a ceremony weddingprovided that these two basic rules are respected: 

  • Avoid monochrome outfits: white 100% is the bride's thing, and black 100% is far too drab for such a joyous event.
  • We wear chic and colorful accessories to brighten up our ceremonial dress and break the 'too' white or 'too' black side. 

For colour lovers, the choice is vast. The more discreet ones will go for pastel colours, while the more daring ones will lean more towards flashy colours such as red, fushia pink, yellow or apple green. Treat yourself!

Choosing a ceremony outfit that suits you

The traditional ceremonial dress is a timeless classic that appeals to most women. Our stylists and fashion designers have developed a range of chic and refined dressesFrom the elegant little black crepe dress to the luminous red wrap dress and the bewitching gold embroidered long dress, there is something for everyone!  

To stand out from the other guests, you can also opt for a more trendy look by daring to wear pants! From now on, tuxedos, suits and trousers are an alternative of choice to the classic evening dress during ceremonies

Find an outfit that shows off your figure

Long chiffon dress, satin skirt, pantsuit... The first condition your outfit must meet is sublimate your silhouette. A delicate exercise that requires putting a few rules into practice: 

  • If you're long, long dresses and pantsuits will suit you perfectly.
  • If you have broad shoulders, think of balancing your silhouette by putting some volume on your hips by opting for example for a ceremonial dress with ruffles.
  • If on the contrary, you want to hide your belly and your hips, avoid too thin fabrics such as silk or satin. When it comes to clothing, you can afford anything as long as you choose the right models. Want a dress ? Go for an empire cut or a blazer cut. You want to go off the beaten track? Dare to wear a tuxedo or a suit!
  • If you have a large waist, don't hesitate to emphasize it by wearing a dress with a ceremony to which you will add a belt. 
  • If you have wide hips, you should also harmonize your silhouette by opting for puffed sleeves or shoulder pads.

The must for a ceremony: a chic and comfortable outfit

Tight dress, high heels, mini skirt... When you are invited to a marriage or other ceremonyThere is a tendency to put aesthetics before comfort. And that's a mistake. If every step is a pain, if you have to think twice before bending down, or if you try to pull your stomach in all evening, chances are you'll only want to go home to put an end to this torture. So to fully enjoy the ceremony Make sure your outfit is comfortable: you should be able to dance, walk and move without any difficulty. 

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