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How to choose your cocktail dress

A chic evening ? A business dinner ? A small evening with friends? There's nothing like a cocktail dress to shine in the evening. The only thing left to do is to find the model that will enhance your silhouette. To find the ideal cocktail dressFollow the advice of our fashion experts.

Cocktail dress: a little history

In a post-war context, many women were in mourning. In the 1920s, black was one of the most worn colors. Coco Chanel was inspired by the trend to create a dress model that was at once sober, modern and elegant: the famous little black dress. The success is immediate. The little black dress is in fact going to be at the origin of a real revolution in the field of fashion. It marks the appearance of a style at the same time simple and elegant, perfect for the social evenings. The 'little black dress' (Little Black Dress or LBD in English) is then the cocktail dress par excellence. However, it is to Christian Dior that we owe the name of "cocktail dress" in the 1940s. 

The first cocktail dresses are characterized by their knee length. Over time, the cocktail dress has continued to evolve and is now available in an infinite number of models. Versatile, it can be worn for an evening with friends, a family dinner or a wedding ceremony. 

Light, practical and chic, the cocktail dress has quickly become a real must-have in women's wardrobes.

Which cocktail dress for which body type?

For the cocktail dress is of the most beautiful effect, it must emphasize your silhouette. 

  • If you have a figure 8 or X shape (shoulders and hips aligned):

Give preference to cocktail dresses cover-upThis is a great way to emphasize your slim waistline while enhancing your generous curves.

  • If you have a V shape (broad shoulders):

Opt for a cocktail dress with volume in the hips to balance your athletic figure. Also remember to highlight your legs by choosing a flared cocktail dress or asymmetrical and wearing a nice pair of heels. 

  • If you have an H-shaped body (low waist):

To highlight your slim and trim figure, choose the low-cut cocktail dressesEmpire or strapless dresses for an ultra-feminine look.

  • If you have an A shape (thin shoulders and wide hips):

The idea is to draw the eye to your upper body by opting, for example, for a cocktail dress with puffed or flounced sleeves to harmonize your silhouette. You can also opt for models of cocktail dresses trapezoidal or skating shape, ideal for 'pyramid' type morphologies.

  • If you have an O-shaped body (round silhouette):

It is not a question of hiding your generous forms but rather to emphasize them judiciously. For example, you can opt for an empire dress, a flowing dress with a waist, a wrap dress or a straight dress. As for colours, go for dark colours (black, navy blue, grey...) which tend to slim the figure. 

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